Sammy and Freddie

The SUPERFROG Logo was designed by Moki Martin, and is made up of both newer versions of “Freddie” the Frog and “Sammy” the Seal. As SUPERFROG was started by US Navy Frogmen and SEALs, the idea was to put them together but change them so that they were a little different from the original “Freddie” and “Sammy” that are being used by the Underwater Demolition Teams and SEAL Team ONE.

The major difference with the SUPERFROG “Freddie” is that he is walking towards his left while all other “Freddies” are walking towards their right. Also, our “Freddie” is naturally huskier, as all Triathletes would want to be. A Navy Frogman originally designed the “Freddie” logo in 1957, and that’s why he wears the enlisted men’s “Dixie Cup” coat, carrying a red stick of dynamite, and a lit cigar to light the explosive. The SUPERFROG “Freddie” was designed in 1979.

The original “Sammy” was created by another Navy SEAL in SEAL Team ONE in the early 1970’s. Both this “Sammy” and the original “Freddie” were combined to form the Logo for the Naval Special Warfare Center’s Basic Underwater Demolition/ SEAL Training Command. The original acronym SEAL was adapted to SEAL Team ONE in 1962, and stands for Sea-Air-Land, which are the three environments Navy SEALs operate in to get to their targets. The SUPERFROG “Sammy”, also designed a little huskier in the Triathlete mindset, and is wearing the Naval Officer’s cap and carrying a K-Bar knife between his teeth.

The SUPERFROG Logo is the official logo for SUPERFROG, Inc.

Moki Martin
January 31, 2012